Single Prototypes to Large Production Runs

Production Capacity

  • Over 10,000 pieces (single pieces may be run as Prototypes)
  • Board sizes up to 17.5″ x 18″ for individual or panelized boards.
  • Reflow ovens support up to 18″ wide boards.

Components and Feeders

  • High mix production runs supported, mixed technology.
  • 01005, 12 mil pitch QFP/QFN, BGA, and micro-BGA up to 1.8″ sq.
  • SMT feeders supported are tape, stick, and tray.

Any industry, any assembly:

  • Network interface cards (NIC), switches
  • Surveillance video cameras, DVR unit mainboards
  • Proprietary Non-consumer devices, industrial controllers

SMT Equipment

Solder Paste Chemistry

PCB Requirements for SMT Production

  • For precise parts placement, a pair of fiducials (marks) must be incorporated in the PCB.
  • Fiducials should be between 0.04″ and 0.08″ in diameter and should be located at opposite corners of the board.
  • There should be no other reflective features within 0.20″ of any fiducial.
  • PCBs and panels should have breakaway excess framing material extending approximately .5” on at least two opposite sides as rails and to contain the fiducials.
  • A practical size limit for panelized boards is about 12″ square depending on PCB thickness and rigidity.


  • Can be as little as a 1+ prototype assemblies
  • Customers may order variations with multiple prototypes.
  • May be run via any of our standard manufacturing processes.
  • Does not have to be an actual prototype: we support small production runs too


  • See the SMT or Through-Hole pages for supported components for your assembly.
  • Note that large quantities of parts will likely lead us to run your prototype via SMT.

Example prototypes:

  • Testing equipment for internal quality control.
  • Limited quantity trial runs of your test product.
  • Proprietary equipment.


  • See SMT requirements.
  • See also Through-Hole requirements.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

  • Available feedback services to bring prototypes to full production.
  • Can lower production costs and enhance performance of your assemblies.
  • Our highly experienced staff offer expert input as just another part of our production services.

Production Capacity

  • Over 10,000 pieces, through-hole only or mixed technology.


  • Mixed production runs with SMT and Mechanical components available.
  • Lead Free (RoHS), Immersion Silver (IS), and other specialty processes capable.

Any industry, any assembly:

  • Industrial valves and flow controls.
  • Automotive ECU mainboards.
  • Proprietary, non-consumer devices

Wire Solder Alloys and Fluxes

  • AIM WS OAJ 2% SN63/PB37
  • AIM RMA 3% SN63/PB37
  • AIM NC 209AXT 2% SN63/PB37
  • AIM NC GLOW CORE 2.5% SN100C
  • AIM WS482 3% SN100C

Wave Solder Alloys and Fluxes

  • AIM BAR SN63/PB37
  • AIM BAR SN100C
  • AIM WS715M Flux
  • Alpha Organo Flux 3355-11
  • No-clean flux chemistry can be used in special instances.


Available Features

  • Lead Free (RoHS) Available.
  • Class II & III assemblies.
  • Inspection services.
  • Mechanical Assembly for many assemblies.
  • Chip programming and Testing services.


Full Turnkey

  • In-house parts department dedicated to finding all the right components for your assemblies.
  • We can provide all of the parts for your assembly, even sourcing a PCB manufacturer.
  • Leaded or Lead Free (RoHS) option.

Partial Turnkey

  • Customers can provide some parts, and have us purchase anything they do not have a supplier for.


On-site Inventory

  • We store all the parts for your assemblies, keeping them on hand for future orders.
  • Individual customer inventories means that your specified parts are ready for just your assemblies.
  • Have us keep parts for multiple revisions, leaded or unleaded variations.


  • ESD protected facility, literally from the floor tiles up, means your parts are kept in optimal working order.
  • Accu-sembly employees are constantly monitored for ESD protectedness to ensure your parts are kept safe.
  • Temperature controlled climate.


  • Have Accu-sembly purchase all the parts for your assembly and store them on-site.
  • Option to provide some parts and have Accu-sembly purchase the rest for you.
  • ESD Free environment and inventory system.
  • On-site inventory expedites the production process.
  • Leaded or lead-free (RoHS) parts available.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Components down to 01005 and 0.3mm pitch.
Assurance of correct polarity, accurate placement, optical character recognition (OCR).
Discovers tombstoning, insufficient solder, and shorts for proper rework.

X-Ray Inspection

715x magnification reveals wire-bonds, die-shape, die-attach, delamination, voiding, etc.
Our system penetrates challenging packages, i.e. ceramic CGA’s, BGA’s with metal lids, heat sinks, and RF shielding.
Customers keep the image files for making reports, or later review.


AOI Equipment:

X-Ray Equipment:

Inpection System:



Supports both SMT and Through-hole assemblies.
High-mix production assemblies acceptable.
Supports as many boards as your production run.
Board sizes according to SMT requirements.

All non-prototype assemblies qualify.


Testing & Configuration

  • On-site service, integrated with the production process of your assembly.
  • End-user configuration and firmware setup prior to shipping.
  • Testing with end-user hardware and software to ensure proper function.
  • Chip programming and configuration.

Potting Services

  • Another on-site service as part of your production process.
  • Our meter, mix, and dispense machine provides excellent ratio control for manual or automated dispensing.


Testing Equipment

  • The customer may provide any specialized equipment.
  • Custom hardware is welcome.
  • Chip programming hardware available on-site.


  • Varies depending on services requested.

Accu-sembly’s manufacturing capacity can support anything from small run prototypes to larger scale runs of over 10,000 pieces. Any mixture of technology may be used in your assemblies for every scale of production. Our IPC-A-610 certified teams of SMT and hand solder technicians are more than capable at working to produce even the most complex mixed technology orders and still retain the ISO 9001 & AS9100 quality that you know and trust.