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Electronic Assemblies for Any Industry

No matter what types of devices your company makes, we have solutions to manufacture electronic assemblies for them. Our portfolio includes assembling a wide variety of automotive controls (such as ECU's), industrial regulating equipment, computer networking electronics (such as NIC's and central switches), and much more. The equipment we utilize has the capabilities to process large server boards down to the smallest panelized PCB's, so you can rest assured that we will be able to handle your order.

Make sure to ask about our Class III and Lead Free Processes.

From Single Prototypes to Large Production Runs

Accu-sembly's manufacturing capacity can support anything from small run prototypes to larger scale runs of over 10,000 pieces. Any mixture of technology may be used in your assemblies for every scale of production. Our IPC-A-610 certified teams of SMT and hand solder technicians are more than capable at working to produce even the most complex mixed technology orders and still retain the ISO 9001 & AS9100 quality that you know and trust.

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